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October 2022
i miss u. do you ever think about me? I cant stop thniking about u, all the happy memories replay in my head all the time. i cant handle being without you. can we talk?


i'm not the same person I was before. i have been going through a lot, struggling with my emotions, my mental health, and i didn't know how to handle it but I'm learning. i promise i'll change. Please, just one more chance, because without you, my life feels empty and meaningless т_т i've been replaying our conversations in my head, analyzing every word, every moment, trying to find out where i went wrong. i can't help it. I know it's wrong, but it's the only way I feel connected to you...

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i can't eat, sleep and i cant stand seing myself in the mirror. i miss your warmth beside me and i dont know how to go on without u. youre always on my mind and i been writing songs about you. i just want to feel better

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Ryona, this has to stop. Please.


i truly love you and only want the best for you, never in my life i want to harm you, i’m truly sorry if my action makes u feel bad, it really hurts knowing that i’m a burden to anyone i love and i feel so sad, i’m really trying my best to give you the love that u deserve and at the same time i’m trying to understand myself alot these days so that i’m not gonna hurt anybody but now i realize that being so self aware makes me feel like i’m in a landmine because i start to feel like when everything didn’t go as planned even the smallest mistake can make me feel like i’m a burden to everyone at the end of the day i just want to be a human by not being so hard on myself, live and breathe knowing that i’m trying my best..i’m sorry my love because of the journey of me working on myself and the problem in my family and everything that happened in my life that’s bad makes u involved and makes u feel u’re responsible of somethings that happened, i hope that as soon as possible i can see the world clearly and finally can make a better world for both of us.

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i just remember that act of service is not a love language for me everyday i just feel like my presence isn’t enough to make someone happy that’s why my love language is act of service it turns it’s not even a love language it’s just me feeling like i’m not enough and i’m done with this i really want to focus on myself not only because of someone else to feel better about themselves i just want to do better so i can feel good about myself cause at the end of the day it’s me that i see everyday and i must stop thinking that some kind of superhero will save me or taking care of me it’s hard to think that it’s only me that can save myself because it’s not fair, i never asked to be born and now i’m here must working on all this shit right, but yeah the reality is that i need to save myself and not hoping someone else will do that so that i don’t walk around being toxic to anyone i love

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