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Video producer based in Astana


"Singularity" Digital Museum

Soon-to-be 3D production studio, Singulatity is the initiative aimed at capturing and preserving Kazakhstan's cultural heritage as a public archive of photoscanned 3D models

Pitched to ABC Incubation & TCA 2.0

Looking for a team!
Open positions:
- Photographer
- 3D modeler
- Camera drone operator

No previous experience required
Send an email to apply

Video wall @ bartsentr

Modular 2x3 meter art-piece made from old electronics, utilizing 21 CRT screens with 6 of them being hooked up via VGA splitter and HDMI input
All units used (CRT and LCD monitors, computers, VCRs and accessories) amount to 50

Featured in plenty of photoshoots and a short educational film by Ricardo Bragan├ža and Tom Vinaimont

Currently located at Bar Tsentr
Astana, Respublika Ave 33a

Available for both short and long term rentals
Please email for more details

Realtime live VJ Sets

Services I provide include live visual performances to accompany DJs

My VJ sets feature self-made CRT glitch textures and video-feed manipulations, all operated live in TouchDesigner with a Novation Lauchpad

It was a pleasure to work with nazira_in_zvuk, Carbon, ploshadka.in and Bar Tsentr

Comissions are open. Booking available


My name is Alisher Yusupov

I'm a junior video producer and visual media artist
Currently working at clock:ster - HR/IT startup company

My professional strength is my savviness in 3D modeling, photoscanning and rendering, as well as audio work and graphic design. I like to refer to myself as a "swiss army knife of video production"

Past clients include Technodom, ForteBank, Rixos Astana, KazHackStan Cybersec Conference

You can contact me via Telegram or e-mail: renderpunk@tuta.io

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