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I chose to go by renderpunk as my online and stage moniker, and I spend most of my days stuck online, pondering the next steps in my career and life as a whole My long-burning passion and past involvement with the local rave scene have made me quite savvy in projection mapping, live generative visuals, lighting, music production, graphic design, and promotion. This skill set proved indispensable in managing my own drum & bass event 175 BPM, which unfortunately came to an end in late 2023 Nowadays, I'm working on my upcoming release called 'Ryona,' featuring four tracks centered around a fictional character with unhealthy coping skills and spiraling mental issues stemming from constant misuse of the internet

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Street Photography | Ongoing

175 BPM as a whole

INGAME Archives (2016-2018)

Berenika - Dreamland (renderpunk remix)

Xeno & Oaklander - Preuss (Model:Cycles cover)

plshdk promo

Graffiti Texture Pack Vol. I Coming soon

Train Ambience Sample Pack Coming soon

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Links below is my archive of things I find cool, including deleted lost-media music albums, web pages of my favorite music artists, videos, personal websites and useful links

Spamtron - D-PAD (Full Album, 2009) Archive download

various artists & chronisch - grindbreak remix (Full Album, 2014) Archive download

Nine Circles Website

Figurine - The Heartfelt (2001) on Spotify

About Figurine

Guther - I Know You Know
2003 album released on Morr Music

Julia Guther
Artist's personal website

Daisuke Ichiba (badajapan)
Artist's personal website

KURILKA: Light Monday & Craig Vapour

Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute List

Sven Co-Op Developer Textures

Collection of soviet vehicle inspection tickets

Mack M-45SX Documentary

Chris Child & Micah Frank - Static Wheels
Wonderful ambient composition

TREU by fuseworks (A/V installation)

УАЗ - Главное внутри

"Do What The Fuck You Want To" Public License

netgf personal website